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8 Australian Drinks You Should Try on Your Australian Vacation


The love for “the hunter’s honour shield” is eternal. The eighty-year-old secret energy drink cum sweet alcoholic beverage recipe will delight your taste buds. This summer beverage contains many herbs and spices that aid digestion. Jagermeister can be mixed with other beverages, such as red bull, club soda, coffee and apple juice. Enjoy the flavour by sipping slowly and eating. This is one of the best Australian drinks you should try when on vacation.

Price: $ 25 (in Australian dollars)

Bundaberg Ginger Beer

Do you know what you don’t know? This is the perfect lunch drink that will not quit. Ginger beer’s distinctive characteristic is the sensation of burning when you drink it. The traditional ginger ale is made from carbonated water. Bundaberg ginger beer, however, is made by fermenting the best homegrown ginger and sugarcane. The drink contains very little alcohol, and it also has other flavoured ingredients that give it a spicy finish. Aether Brewing Ginger Beer and Brookvale Union Ginger Beer are popular Australian ginger beers. There is simply no other alternative.

Price: $ 4.50 per 100 ml

Archie Rose Gin

Archie rose Gin is a handcrafted, pine-flavoured gin. It’s smooth, refreshing, energetic, and has botanicals that counter the main flavour of juniper. This low-calorie beverage is very supple, lively, and low in calories. Although it is best served with soda water or ginger ale, you can also mix it with orange, mango and pineapple. Each Gin has a unique taste, and it is impossible to find the perfect Gin. The popular Australian Gin is West Winds “The Broadside”, Four Pillars Naval Strength, Brookies and Poor Tom’s.

Price: $70 – $150


These Australian-made drinks are best enjoyed in Melbourne. Vodka, which is low-priced in Australia, can be found in large quantities in both micro-producers and local supermarkets. Vodka should be enjoyed slowly, not as a shot. Australia’s top Vodka award has been awarded to Hartshorn Vodka three times. The Australian brand SMALL MOUTH VODKA NSW, handcrafted from the finest ingredients and preserved first-class by traditional methods, is a handcrafted brand. Tasmanian (Tassiean) Vodka 666 Pure is 100% pure.

Prices: $30-$70

Espresso Martini

Although the drink is sourced from London, Australians love it as much as anyone else. You should add the creamy, calorie-rich espresso martini to every cup of coffee. This coffee-flavoured cocktail is made from first-rate coffee beans, vodka, and chocolate. It is best to drink it straight, without adding ice, to enjoy the complex yet delicious taste of vodka and coffee. Espresso martinis are not recommended for those who want to get a good night of sleep. Don’t miss the chance to get the best-selling cocktail in Australia. Melbourne’s most beloved martinis include Om Nom, Mr Miyagi and Milk The Cow.

Price: $ 8 per 100 ml jar

Bundaberg Rum

All tropical countries share rum, and Australia’s favourite dark Bundy Rum is made from sugarcane grown in the country. Nothing is better than a warm, icy Bundy Rum in your backyard. To get the full flavour, shake the rum with some ice. Bundaberg ginger ale can be mixed with Bundy Rum. Leblon Cachaca and Ron Abuelo Centuria are just a few of the must-try rums in Australia.

Price: $15-50

Red Wine

Australia is known for its high-quality red wines. Many wine regions, each focusing on a specific type of wine. It’s easy to find a top-quality red wine. This is possible because it can be found in abundance with local producers, supermarkets and growers. Shiraz is a hot, refreshing, and delicious red wine that will keep your night cool. Shiraz is a wine that will please everyone. You can expect a strong, spicy and dark fruity essence. After a single sip, the Cabernet Sauvignon “King of Red Wine” Cabernet Sauvignon will be clear why it is worthy of this title. With a large glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, you can enjoy the best red wine with a generous slice of red meat.

Prices: $30-100


Australian whiskey is a favourite among the human race. Many bars in Australia offer whiskey. The best whiskey from Australia is made in Tasmania. The single malt Sullivan’s Cove French Oak whisky is rich in chocolate and molasses. It was named the best in the country in 2017. It was named the best single-malt whiskey in 2017.

Price: $90-$200


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